River Of Blood

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Daya river is a branch from Kuakhai river at Saradelpur in odissa in India. it was the river that once flooded with blood The famous KALINGA war held here and daya river turned red due to blood! after seeing this king ashoka changed his mind and buddhism spread.One can not avoid developing fascination for ASHOKA.

Ashoka responsible for buddhism in India.So all the story revolves around Ashoka’s Komedy.

Now its condition is pretty cool!!! The below para explains:

While travelling around Puri or Bhubaneshwar you will have to cross the river Daya several times and you will get to hear stories about Ashoka’s war with Kalinga on its banks and the water of the river turning red. However, the river is not a separate tourist spot and I do not think you can approach the river by a car. However you can beautiful glimpses of this river while going to Puri by train, or by road from Bhubaneshwar, or to Konark from Bhubaneshwar etc. However, possibly the best view of the river Daya can be enjoyed from the Dhauli Shanti Stupa.

Such a war that turns the river red but not a Historical significance or a tourist attracting site. Very Pathetic! to reveal the truth in the next para.

Isn’t it We are responsible for making things complicated???? Or else World is complex????

Here’s the COMIC:

During College life Pressure: river of blood daya river.

After leaving college pressure : cleanest and peaceful daya river.

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MBBS 2ND YEAR…..Forgive engineerss….

Medical Student Syndrome (MSS), also called as Second year syndrome or Medicalstudentitis is when medical students feel like they have the disease they are studying.

Speaking for myself, I have experienced it countless number of times. As the name says, it all started in the second year when I was introduced to Pathology. I used to put together trivial sensations or findings and make a rather grave diagnosis for myself and feel very distressed temporarily.

Here are a few instances:

I’ve been drinking a lot of water lately and going to the washroom more frequently. Polydypsia and Polyuria. Diabetes mellitus it is.

Found a new mole on my body which I have never noticed before. God, I have Melanoma.

Once you know that Appendix lies in the Right iliac fossa, every pain in the lower right abdomen is Appendicitis. Mom, call an ambulance. I’ll need an appendicetomy.

Fever in the evening, don’t feel like eating? Here, one of my worst nighmare come true: Tuberculosis.

Ringing in the ear, Acoustic neuroma it is.

Headache, feels like my head’s going to burst and I’d quickly flip through the brain tumors section in the Medicine textbook. Um, how about the stress headache one has before the exams they are not really prepared for?

Every swollen lymph node in the neck made me think of cancer but not about the ice cream I had in the middle of the night in winter which gave me a sore throat.

A slight pain in the left side of the chest and I’d start looking for nitroglycerine because this is it, I am having a MI (Heart attack). Well Miss, how about the fact that you haven’t eaten anything in the last 7 hours? It’s called “heartburn” for a reason.

It’s crazy how the mere knowledge of the condition causes one to perceive harmless sensations as a grave underlying disease. It’s all in the head, eventually we all grow out of this melodramatic temporary Hypochondriasis.


Comic through Lyrics

Me: Pehle pehle bar mile hai.

Lata Mangeshkar: Channe ke khet me.

Me: Mere yaar ki Shaadi hai.

Lata Mangeshkar: Aye aapka Eintzaar Tha.

Me: Sun Shaba Sun.

Lata Mangashkar: Aaj me Upaar asmain niche,aaz me aage jamana he piche.

Me: Badi Muskil he.

Lata Mangeshkar: Aankhiyon milayon, kabhi aankhiya churayu,tune kiye he jaadu.

Me: Hamne suna he tumne jiban saathi chuna hai aaur tumne chun hi liya hai.

Lata Mangeshkar: Maausaam ki tarah tum baadal toh na jaoge Sanaam.